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24 MARCH | 22:00


Salão Nobre
Nerea Castro


In the age of image, technology can be used to experience the world in new and different ways. A Tale of Spring looks to evoke the idea, feelings and memories of springtime through colour, motion and sound.


Working across a variety media that include photography, video, drawing and sculpture, Nerea Castro employs a subtly minimalistic aesthetic that encourages the viewer to consider their own identity and the diversity of relationships that constitute our experience of the world. The formal articulations of her ideas bear on the affective power of colour, shape and texture as a point of connection to more subjective realities.
Drawn to visual communication from a very young age, Nerea began experimenting in the realm of audiovisual performances in real-time with the collective Hedonistas. Her practise broadens during the time she lived in London, navigating between analog and digital media. In close relationship with contemporary sculpture, her interest is pushed towards the exploration of light in space as a medium of expression. Her first major immersive installation In Praise of Shadows (2017) has already been exhibited at Maus Hábitos and GNRation.


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