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24 MARCH | 22:00




Under the alter ego of Krake, Pedro Oliveira collects inspiration in the Norse mythology to venture solo in a project that, starting from the percussion, explores an experimental and electronic language


Since 1995, he has been dedicated to the drums. Pedro Oliveira integrated the already extinct Kafka, Submarine and Green Machine.
In 2007 he founded the "peixe : avião", whose last album, "Peso Morto" (PAD / 2016), was considered one of the best national records of the year, for media such as Blitz and Antena 3. In 2010, he founded the publisher and collective of artists "PAD / Easy Pieces".
He has as active bands the "peixe : avião", "Dear Telephone" and "OZO". Also, he frequently integrates the projects "Old Jerusalem" and "Osso Vaidoso", in their live presentations.
Since last May, he has been part of "Mods Collective", variable collective that has as its premises the improvised music and the cinema.
During the latest two years, Krake has been feeding on solitary experiments and influences like Will Guthrie, Ches Smith, Steve Noble, Chris Corsano, Julian Sartorius and Jaki Liebezeit.
Recently, Pedro joins fashion designer Carla Pontes to create the show KRAKE T_XT_R_L, which connects his somber imagery of Krake's music with the intriguing textures of the plastic artist Joana Patrão.



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