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24 MARCH | 00:00


Jonathan Schatz



At the invitation of the Vivarium Festival, Jonathan Schatz and Nicolas Canot explore the relationship with the public from an unprecedented plastic, choreographic and sound installation.
The unknown is the fundamental engine of this creation in which the artists articulate to their researches allied to improvisations, open scores with restrictions to reach a heterotopic place where space and time transform themselves and open for new hypnotics and contemplatives ones.
By exploring the dynamics of dissimulation in an indirect dimension, the viewer is invited to cultivate a poetic landscape and thus let an imaginary journey emerge.
The performance intends to access what is unknown, what is both external and internal, to modify relationships with a reality made of references and, through the senses, to invite perceptual experiences to modify the “ here” and “now”.


Jonathan Schatz is dancer and choreographer, he has based in Brussels and he was born in France in 1984. After his training at the Paris National Opera, Jonathan becomes a student at the CNSMD in Lion and later at the CNDC in Angers. Jonathan is a performer for numerous choreographers such as Dominique Brun, Pierre Droulers, Philippe Saire, YoungSoon Cho Jaquet, Claudia Sorace and Riccardo Fazi. Since 2017 he is also a performer at Crowdde Gisèle Vienne. He is currently working on his new artificial intelligence creation, where he questions the automatic generation capabilities of the computer in front of a live performance (video / music / dance). For this project For this project, he works with Alexandre Da Silva, Ruth Zuydervelt and Damien Petitot.


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