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25 MARCH | 16:00


Sala de Espétaculos
Joaquim Pavão



The audience is invited to an experience of multiple plastic creation, in which the triggering element is the drawing and the sound produced by it. Building a sound path composed in real time and dialoguing with a musician. The drawings produced during the performance are also the main frames of the film "If" that the author is carrying out. The animations produced so far are also used during the performance in an assembly sequence that varies according to the presentations. In a process of multidisciplinary creation in which the presence of the public becomes indispensable to the dynamics of the whole process.


Joaquim Pavão is a composer, guitarist and filmmaker. He was born in 1975. He has been making an artistic journey between music and cinema and creating a unique language, where emotion and rigor are matched. He has performed concerts and presented his films around the world. "4 Elementos" (Janek Pfeifer, 2006), "A Sesta" (Olga Roriz, 2007) and "Foi o fio" (Patrícia Figueiredo, 2014) are some of his internationally awarded film guitar work. He performed and composed for "Threads of time" (2013), "Miragem" (2014) and " Antes que a noite venha - falas de Antígona " (2017), also awarded in several international film festivals. In 2017, he releases the first solo album called "Avenidas".



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