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24 MARCH | 14:00_19:00


Sala de Espétaculos
Gonçalo M. Tavares


WORKSHOP: Atlas of Body and Imagination

From the book "Atlas of Body and Imagination" (Edições Caminho, 2013), Gonçalo M. Tavares proposes to approach and work with participants essential questions of contemporary thinking, both in their links with the arts and literature, and in their connection to themes like technology, body, loving ties, city, rationality and madness, food and desire.


Gonçalo M. Tavares was born in 1970, in the city of Luanda, in Angola. Since 2001 he has published books in different literary genres, and his works have been translated into 36 languages. His books have received several prizes in Portugal and abroad, among them the José Saramago Prize (2005), the Portugal Telecom Prize for Literature (Brazil 2007 and 2011), the Special Price of the Jury of the Grand Prix Littéraire du Web Culture (France 2010) and the Prix du Meuilleur Livre Étranger 2010 (France), prize attributed before to Robert Musil, Orhan Pamuk, John Updike, Philip Roth, Gabriel García Márquez, Elias Canetti, among others. His books have given rise, in different countries, to plays, radio plays, short films and art objects, videos of art, opera, performances, architectural projects or academic theses. He made the book "Atlas of Body and Imagination" with Os Espacialistas, (Editora Caminho).


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